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May 19, 2022  

12 Years a Slave - Chapter 14

May 19, 2022

12 Years a Slave

Solomon Northup

Chapter 14

Destruction of the cotton crop in 1845—demand for laborers in St. Mary’s Parish—sent thither in a drove—the order of the march—the Grand Coteau—hired to Judge Turner on Bayou Salle—appointed driver in his sugar house—Sunday services slave furniture, how obtained—the party at Yarney’s in Centreville—good fortune—the Captain of the steamer—his refusal to secrete me—return to Bayou Bœuf—sight of Tibeats—Patsey’s sorrows—tumult and contention—hunting the coon and opossum—the cunning of the latter—the lean condition of the slave—description of the fish trap—the murder of the man from Natchez—Epps challenged by Marshall—the influence of slavery—the love of freedom