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May 18, 2022  

12 Years a Slave - Chapter 13

May 18, 2022

12 Years a Slave

Solomon Northup

Chapter 13

The curious axe-helve—symptoms of approaching illness—continue to decline—the whip ineffectual—confined to the cabin—visit by Dr. Wines—partial recovery—failure at cotton picking—what may be heard on Epps’ plantation—lashes graduated—Epps in a whipping mood—Epps in a dancing mood—description of the dance—loss of rest no excuse—Epps’ characteristics—Jim Burns removal from Huff Power to Bayou Bœuf—description of Uncle Abram; of Wiley; of Aunt Phebe; of Bob, Henry, and Edward; of Patsey; with a genealogical account of each—something of their past history, and peculiar characteristics—jealousy and lust—Patsey, the victim