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May 17, 2022  

12 Years a Slave - Chapter 12

May 17, 2022

12 Years a Slave

Solomon Northup

Chapter 12

Personal appearance of Epps—Epps, drunk and sober—a glimpse of his history—cotton growing—the mode of ploughing and preparing ground—of planting—of hoeing, of picking, of treating raw hands—the difference in cotton pickers—Patsey a remarkable one—tasked according to ability—beauty of a cotton field—the slave’s labors—fear on approaching the gin-house—weighing—“chores”—cabin life—the corn mill—the uses of the gourd—fear of oversleeping—fear continually—mode of cultivating corn—sweet potatoes—fertility of the soil—fattening hogs—preserving bacon—raising cattle—shooting-matches—garden products—flowers and verdure