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June 15, 2019  

The Gate Key

Every every key has a history, and there are many kinds of keys -- a chamberlain's key, a watch key, Saint Peter's key. We could tell you about all the keys; but now we will only tell about the Councillor's gate key. 

June 15, 2019  

The Cripple

There was an old manor house where a young, splendid family lived. They had riches and many blessings; they liked to enjoy themselves, and yet they did a lot of good. They wanted to make everybody happy, as happy as they themselves were.

June 14, 2019  

The Gardener and the Noble Family

About four miles from the city stood an old manor house with thick walls, towers, and pointed gables. Here lived, but only in the summer season, a rich and noble family. Of all the different estates they owned, this was the best and the most beautiful; on the outside it looked as if it had just been cast in a foundry, and the inside was made for comfort and ease. 

June 14, 2019  

“Dance, Dance, Doll of Mine!”

"Yes, this is a song for very small children!" declared Aunt Malle.

June 13, 2019  

The Great Sea Serpent

There was a little sea fish of good family, the name of which I don't remember; that the more learned will have to tell you. The little fish had eighteen hundred brothers and sisters, all the same age; they didn't know their father or mother, so they had to care for themselves and swim about on their own, but that was a lot of fun.

June 13, 2019  


Great-grandfather was so lovable, wise and good. All of us looked up to Great-grandfather.

June 13, 2019  

What the Whole Family Said

What did the whole family say? Well, listen first to what little Marie said.

June 12, 2019  

LuckyPeer - Part VI

At the great yearly exhibition of paintings, Peer and Felix met one day, before the portrait of a pretty young lady, the daughter of the widow baroness, as the mother was generally called; the latter's salon was the rendezvous for the world of distinction and for everyone of importance in art and science. The young baroness was in her sixteenth year, an innocent, beautiful child.

June 12, 2019  

Lucky Peer - Part V

With great fanfare, the morning paper told of the debut as something out of the ordinary, the drama critic reserving his privilege of expressing his opinion in a following issue. The merchant invited Peer and the singing master to a grand dinner. It was an observance -- a testimony of his and his wife's interest in the young man, who had been born in the house, in the same year and on the very same day as their own son.

June 11, 2019  

Lucky Peer - Part IV

The journey home was made with a glad and light heart. Grandmother deeply thanked our Lord that Peer was to outlive her. She had delightful traveling companions in the railway carriage -- the pharmacist and his daughter; they talked about Peer, and loved Peer as if they were of the same family. He was to become a great actor, said the pharmacist. His voice had now returned, too, and there was a fortune in such a throat as his. 

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